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Why is learning Business English so important for professionals?

As English is used more and more as a language of communication among business professionals from different countries, there is more and more need to be familiar with specific vocabulary and functional language to use in business settings, including meetings, negotiating, bargaining and so on.

Learn Business English
Why is learning Business English so important for professionals?

Many business professionals from different fields, for example aviation, use English as the global language of communication. In this example professionals are required to improve their English in specific language so they can progress in their careers. As all English Business students require English for specific purposes, my lessons, syllabi, materials at English Claro, are personalised to cater for these the individual’s specific needs.

In order to describe Business English language, it is first important to define what we mean by business and how people communicate within the world of business.

Business English Courses Online
English specific Business requirements

Some examples of in which we identify your English specific Business requirements co be defined as:

  • Buying and selling or exchanging and exploiting resources and capabilities.

  • Using the language of commerce, finance, industry and providing goods and services.

  • People working together to accomplish something they cannot do as individuals.

  • Cooperation, negotiation and conflict.

  • Persuading and understanding, power and control, finding solutions to problems.

Business English language usage, ranges in many different contexts, including the following:

  • Socialising

  • Making predictions

  • Analysis

  • Negotiating

  • Buying and selling

  • Writing

  • Persuading

  • Making compromises

  • Telephoning

  • Marketing

  • Interviewing

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Negotiating and bargaining in English

Skill in using Business English is not limited to choosing the right words and phrases. For example, presenters, negotiators and telephone operators use certain techniques to get their message across. Business English users, therefore, need to know the words but also the skills in order to do their job. They need English to do business and not just talk about business. At English Claro, Business English, is therefore, taught together with business communication skills.

My Business English syllabi focuses on functions, related to the language needs for different business settings and discourses.

Examples include:

  • Conducting and participating in meetings

  • Negotiating and bargaining

  • Telephone English

  • Giving presentations

  • Closing a deal

  • Writing emails

  • Writing a report

Speaking English at this level can give you the edge in the ever-increasing job market and make you more attractive to potential employers worldwide.

Conducting and participating in meetings in English
Business English Presentations

As a teaching English for Business specialist, and years of experience in many sectors; I can confidently say that ¨deciding, whether English is important for business, is not a question of giving the language greater importance in general. It is simply a question of survival and successful communication¨.

Please feel free to Contact me if you have any questions regarding Business English or any other information that you may require.

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