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Student Learning

From complete beginners, intermediate, proficient and business levels my lessons are structured so there is continuous interaction between myself and my students (no boring endless exercises!).


Learning online it is  just like being in my classroom students have as much fun learning as I have teaching. As a specialist for teaching English online, you can join me for your course from home or work. You just need a laptop, PC, or tablet with either built-in (or external) camera and microphone.

I am totally flexible, especially in these changing times, we now have many different types of communication avenues open to us. Some examples of the technology I use are: Skype, Google Classroom, and the English Claro Education Platform among others. Prior to starting your lessons, we will look at which options are most suitable for you. 

Let's start speaking English!

Student  Learning


With 1x1 individual tuition I achieve focused learning with yourself and can see and cultivate the English speaking potential within you.

Progress in improving your knowledge of the English language is rapid, with plenty of speaking practice, new vocabulary, and grammar being introduced to each lesson. Home study builds on classroom exercises and also includes free material, audio, and visual practice.

Fantastic discounts available on individual lesson plan packages. 


Group Learning

group learning English Claro

My group lessons are designed for school  class friends, couples, and work colleagues, with a strong emphasis on group interaction and learning. 

These types of lessons have shown to be extremely beneficial for students to get top grades in the English language. These are dynamic lessons with a focus on group home study following regular lessons. ​I keep group sizes to a maximum of 4 people however please feel free to inquire should you wish the group size to be slightly larger. ​Individual strengths etc, are still identified with my group lessons with the aim for all students to progress and achieve maximum results together. 

Lessons include free material, audio, and visual practice.


Excellent discounts available on group lesson plan packages. 

English lessons are held completely in English (don`t worry if you are not too confident or at a beginner level ... you will see just how quickly you will get started). My target for every English lesson is to encourage students to speak for at least 80% of the lesson time.


Each lesson will build your speaking confidence and increase your vocabulary. We will discuss 2 or 3 interesting topics in each class.   


My pronunciation techniques will help you speak fluently. I use topical social speaking situations meaning that you too will speak English like a native. 

With my writing tasks, you will be able to improve your written skills, further increase your vocabulary and gain a better understanding of the use of tenses, idiomatic expressions and, phrasal verbs, etc.

English lessons are personalised to you as an individual, even as part of a group. I will adapt your lesson plans to suit your needs.

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