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What should I do next? When can a book a lesson?

You can reserve your lessons at any time, via the secure booking buttons on the website, e-mail, chat, Whatsapp, or social media. Please feel free to contact me,to ask me for anything specific regarding my English lessons.


How can I pay for my lessons? When can I make a payment?

You can pay by credit card, PayPal, and bank transfer. More details on the accepted methods of secure payment can be found on the prices and booking page. Remember to check out the fantastic discounts for lesson packages and group bookings.

Is the teacher a native English speaker?

Yes, I am a fully qualified native English-speaking teacher. I am sure this will also help to enhance the quality of your language lessons. Among my qualifications are the following: 

  • Level 5 – Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (Ofqual/AQC/Deac/)

  • TEFL - Teaching Business English

  • TEFL - Teaching English Online & 1:1

  • TEFL - Teaching Advanced Grammar

  • TEFL - Teaching IELTS / TOEIC & Exam Preparation 

How old do I have to be to participate in a language lessons? 

My normal English lessons are recommended for participants aged 14 or older. For business lessons, interviews, and exam preparation there is no age limit. 

Note for Parents:  Please ask me for my latest Legal Protection of Minors Certificate.

What’s my level?

There are many ways of expressing ability in language learning. It could be from Beginner to Advanced or it could be A1 to C2. However, as soon as you start your lessons I will be able to assess approximately where you sit on a scale of English language ability. This might be by asking you questions or reading a piece of your writing. I will also use a quick online test which will give me a more accurate idea of where on the scale of English abilities you currently reside.

What can I do outside of the lesson time?

I will be able to give you plenty of advice here. It could be practicing your conversation skills with a fellow learner or it might be ensuring you always complete your assigned home study. My aim to make sure you’re getting the best out of language learning both inside and outside the lesson time. I will provide complete guidelines for home-study, ranging from tips, advice, and pointers on how to maximise your time away from our formal lessons.

Are there any language lessons for absolute beginners? 

Yes, certainly! You can book language lessons with me as an absolute beginner and in just a few weeks, you'll already have reached a level with which you can make yourself understood in certain everyday situations.

How many students are assigned to each language lesson? 

The following lesson plans are available.

  • Individual (1x1)

  • Group 1-2 persons & Group 3-4 persons aimed at school friends and couples (please contact me if you would like slightly larger group sizes).  

  • Business Individual & Business Group 3+ persons. Aimed at career English speakers and companies. (I am happy to scale up class attendees, please contact me beforehand to arrange).


What levels are offered? 

My English courses are divided into Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Higher Advanced levels. Among others, I follow the Cambridge Assessment curriculum for academic students. IELTS and TOEIC and Cambridge Assessment curriculum for exam candidates. Intermediate and Advanced levels for Business candidates. 

Which areas do I need to improve?

Some students are fantastic speakers but their writing is not so good. Others have honed their listening skills through hours of practice but can’t seem to communicate their ideas verbally. I will be able to assess which of your four skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) need improvements. It could be, however, that your skills are fairly well balanced and you need to improve generally. 

What resources will we be using?

I use online resources pertinent to the specific English level you wish to study (all materials are Free). I incorporate audio-visual material into lessons and home study. My approach is to utilise my vast learning resources to best match your needs.

How long will it take to achieve my language goals?

It’s great if you’ve already got language goals. Whether that’s moving up to the next level or being able to watch movies in English. But how long do you think that’ll take? I will be able to advise you regarding this on an individual basis; Bear in mind, however, my answer may depend on how many hours you can commit to studying and how much home study work you can feasibly carry out away from lessons.

How will you structure the lessons?

There be 10 minutes at the start of each session to review your previous home study assignment. We will then spend 50 minutes practicing pure conversation, grammar, some written tasks, and pronunciation.

What’s a realistic target for ten hours of study?

This is a smart question because it looks at concrete goals over a set time period. With my lesson packages I offer a set amount of tuition (at a reduced cost) so you can aim towards achieving a few realistic targets over a few weeks. Once I know where you want to be, I’ll be able to advise you on how much you can achieve over the space of a package of lessons.


How do I need to prepare for each lesson?

Via e-mail, all your learning materials will be made available to you.​

Can I book a one-week or intensive language course?

Yes, by all means, Intensive language courses are available, I would suggest you take advantage of my discounted lesson packages for this type of plan. 

Are certificates given upon course completion? 

Yes absolutely, upon completion of a language level, you will receive a certificate of completion from English Claro. External Examination providers, give their specific certifications based on your results. 


How do I cancel / reschedule a booking?

Due to high demand, I request that you cancel / reschedule any booked lesson at least 48 hours before your scheduled start time. This allows me time to fill the class. From the scheduled start time of any lesson, there is a 15-minute grace period for any late arrivals.

You may cancel or reschedule your lesson by email, message, or via your original online booking with no charge. Full cancellation fees will be charged after this time. ​Thank you for your understanding.

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