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So, what are the advantages of learning English online? The student`s perspective.

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So, what are the advantages learning English online? A student’s perspective.

Learning English online is becoming more popular all over the world, giving learners and teachers flexibility as to where and how they develop English language skills.

When I started teaching English as a Foreign Language, I started by standing in front of a class of student learners in southern Spain, thrown in at the deep end so to speak. Yet, with the advancement of technology and online lessons, I am now teaching students from many foreign countries directly from home.

I have kept on with teaching my Spanish school students, however, this is now predominantly online due to the Covid 19 situation, I have also noticed how online learning has now become the preferred method for adults and busy professionals also.

During lockdown, I asked my students for some feedback from their perspective and the advantages to them of online learning and thought I would take the chance to share them with yourselves.

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Predominantly my students all mention flexibility, online learning has enabled them to dictate the day and times of the lessons thus fitting into their schedule, whether this is after school, around busy work commitments, just keeping up with lessons whilst they are the move, somebody even mentioned that they could study when the kids were in bed!

Students stated that they are very motivated to learn English online, all students commented that they felt they participated far more in online activities. Even the more cautious students stated that they were more confident to take part and ask questions.

Many of my students mentioned that they felt that their particular learning style had been identified, their needs had been addressed, and via the English Claro education platform (ECP), they had full control over their progress.

It is also worth mentioning that with ECP, parents of students can also overview all details of their child’s progression, something that gave them confidence and a feeling of being involved with the learning process.

Students felt that it was particularly relevant that, by discussing current trending topics in English, rather than text from pre-prepared study books, they felt that this type of learning was more relevant to the here and now and that they could associate more with the subject.

Whilst tests are not the favourite topic of any student, positive feedback was given regarding the quick quizzes used via the ECP, particularly the fact that students were able to obtain immediate test results and given instant feedback.

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Asking for pros and contras to the traditional classroom learning against online environments the following shows some of the more salient points gleaned from the student feedback.

Classroom vs Online Teaching.

Advantages of learning Enlish online

Encouraging to receive so much feedback from my students, the future I am sure, will become more and more online-focused.

In summary, being a good communicator has certainly helped me with online learning, however being a good listener is also essential. Students need people who can listen to them, without their feedback we cannot adapt and improve on the service that is required.

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