What is the English Claro Learning Platform (ECP)?

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

What is the English Claro Learning Platform (ECP)?

Whilst browsing through the English Claro website or Social Media Posts, you may have seen I have referenced the English Claro education platform on a number of occasions.

So, What is the English Claro Learning Platform (ECP)?

Further to my previous Blog regarding the benefits of online learning; For some time now, I have been looking at ways in which to make my lessons for students more interactive during online class time as well as full of quality content that can be used by my students during home study.

Here are some of the facts and utilities of the ECP

Here are some of the facts and utilities of the ECP

The English Claro Learning Platform (ECP) Is a content management system allowing my students to access wide array of creative, effective and interactive content literally at the touch of a button. The ECP has been designed to facilitate, all types of English students, Business English students and Exam Preparation students.

Depending on your learning choice and requirements, the ECP allows you to work individual or in groups and acts as a virtual classroom specifically for you.

The ECP is accessible by opening an account via an access code that I send you. There is no need to install any software to your computer, phone or tablet nor do you need to enter enter your e-mail if you do not wish.

The ECP is a cloud-based software. Meaning that you can access all the digital tools that come as part of it, including interactive content, chat rooms with classmates and teacher, your own private file storage for class documents and mush more. Logging in can be made through a standard web browser.

The ECP allows you to access your private progress reports allowing you monitor and evaluation your progress. NB: For children this access is also open to parents in order for them to also keep an eye on progress and actively partake in their child’s achievements.

As more and more of us are accessing the internet primarily on a device such as a smartphone or tablet. The ECP allows students to easily access interactive content and the virtual classroom with ease.

Via the ECP, feedback is automatically available following lessons and home study exercises are also monitored and results given swiflty allowing students to be completely updated on their progress.

Start speaking English quickly

By using the English Claro Learning Platform effectively, students receive more support to continue their learning at home, where applicable parents are better informed about their child's learning and progress. The ECP gives me the opportunity to place a wide variety of learning resources at your disposal allowing us to be even more successful as you learn to speak English at speed.

It is becoming more obvious that learning platforms will play an increasingly important role as we move ahead. My aim is to further develop this technology with student feedback, aiming for the most beneficial experience for all English Claro learners.

Please feel free to Contact me if you have any questions regarding classes, the ECP or any other information that you may require.

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