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Depending on the exams you are taking we will check your levels of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English. This will highlight any areas for us to concentrate on. Exams are aimed at students who are looking for a higher level of English and thus are specific to your preparation. If your goal is to get a superior pass marks for school exams and entrance exams then we will achieve this.


• Help and advice offered to assist you in passing your IELTS, TOEIC and Cambridge Assessment exams, and any other English exams you are preparing for.

• Understand the test format

• Practice with sample test questions

• Test fluency and coherence

• Check lexical resource

• Test grammatical range and accuracy

• Practice pronunciation and speaking capabilities 

IELTS / TOEIC / CAE Exam Preparation

  • Book Now

    IELTS / TOEIC / CAE Exam Preparation

    € 20 per person

    Individual Exam Preparation Packages Available: 

    10 Lessons - €180 (Save 20€) 

    Exam Preparation Package

    NB: Examination fees are not included in the price. I will be happy to give you up to date information and advice (dates, times etc) on whether you wish to take your exams on-line or in person (dependent on where you are located).

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